Monday, July 11, 2011



I saw a monster doktor last Thursday, and he had some great advice for my whole weight gain regimen. (I am not a doctor. I am not giving YOU medical advice. Go see your own doctor, and follow his or her advice. If need be, get a second opinion. Use your fucking brain, etc.)

Firstly, I am up fourteen pounds since I started all of this. McCallum's shake, rice balls, and chankonabe are the culprits. The monster doktor told me that if I gain 1lb per week, then that would be 52lb per year. He also told me that when it comes to your ideal weight, your genetic background is a great reference. For instance, my father is about six foot six inches and weighs about 200lb.  I'm only an inch taller than my father, so my ideal weight would be about anywhere from 180-205lb. I'm shooting for 205lb, so at least I have validated my own research by talking to a professional.  But wait, it's not all fun and games! There will be blood tests to check my cholesterol levels, etc. and a follow-up visit in 4 weeks, before which I have to document what I eat for 7 days to give monster doktor an idea of what's going on.

I have to stop using caffeine, processed sugar, and artificial sweeteners.  My layman understanding of these doktor orders are that said sugars, etc. speed up the metabolism, whereas I already have a fast metabolism.  (Some, who will remain unnamed here, have argued that processed sugars are making Americans into a bunch of pansies, but I digress.)  Needless to say, honey and raw sugar are all I can have. So if you are wondering, Yes, I cannot consume the McCallum Get Big Shake anymore, because it is loaded with sugar.

The monster doktor said I can just mix skim milk with protein powder (whey) and keep on eating healthy foods in large quantities.  In my case, that will be chankonabe, onigiri, fruits, nuts, vegetables, etc.

Also, weight gain goes straight to your mid section a lot of the times, so this should be done responsibly so that one won't end up looking like the typical overweight Amerikan. My understanding is that if you exercise regularly and eat a lot, there will be more muscle mass gained than fat. When you go to the beach, you do want to feel good about yourself, so all things in moderation.  I don't want to gain weight at the expense of my looks, so I added a lot of cardio and ab work into my regimen.

Anyway, to all the hard gainers out there. This is not rocket science.  I wish you all the best, and don't give up. 

Monday, July 4, 2011


I mentioned these a while back. My training partner showed them to me, and they are an exercise Arnold espoused for arm work. I was thinking that one could go really heavy on the bottom position  half curl and do "forced reps," then lighten up for the other two movements. It's 7, 7, and 7; thus the name 21s.

Check out the video: 21s