Saturday, April 16, 2011


Remember in That 70s Show when Eric wanted to get bigger and dubbed the endeavor, Operation Fat Eric? Well, I want to get bigger and stronger, so I have dubbed my mission accordingly. I am a complete novice at this sort of thing, as I am as willowy as it gets. One tall, cool glass of water I am. I mean, I could use the advice of all you fat people out there! Did you just one day decide to throw black drapes over all of your mirrors, sidle up to the buffet, loosen your belt, and let the good times roll?  I need to live with fat people, like Jane Goodall did with primates, so that I can study their behavior, because obviously I am a rank amateur at getting fat. All kidding aside...some of my best friends are fat people!

I am 79 inches tall and weigh 160 pounds. Thirty-three years old. Male. The ideal weight for a person of my height and gender is a range of 198-242 pounds, roughly. (Here's a source for the geeky completists: Body Weight Index.

The gist of this blog will be no-nonsense exercise and diet programs I have discovered along the way. I'll also regale you with funny stories of my failings, accomplishments, and all sorts of other things.

Essentially, Operation Human Monster is about imbalance to get balance.  Let me explain.  I am completely, compulsively, neurotically obsessed with exercise and eating to achieve my goals. Everything else that falls by the wayside for me to achieve balance will just have to deal with it.   As a former high-school running back told me, "You'd be a monster if you got in the gym." So I did. If I am not in the gym lifting weights, then I am either at work, eating, sleeping, growing, or watching anime.

This blog walks a fine line between the old school lifters and the new school fitness philosophies regarding physical fitness.  There have been new developments since lifters like Bob Hoffman wrote, but there are also tons of things that have not changed. I tend to not over-analyze this stuff and defer to the old timers, for the most part.

Admittedly, I do not know jack shit about exercising, and I am not a medical doctor. I am merely cataloguing the information I have collated from reputable sources and running an R&D lab with myself as the test subject. If you learn something new, are entertained, or whatnot, then great.   

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